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Drum Setup
1 Bass Drum 22"x18" PREMIER Signia Powersized
2 Snare 14 x 6 1/2 Ludwig Super Sensitive
3 Tom 10" PREMIER Signia Powersized
4 Tom 12" PREMIER Signia Powersized
5 Tom 14" PREMIER Signia Powersized
6 Tom 16" PREMIER Signia Powersized
7 4 Low-Pitch Octobans
A MEINL Raker 14" Hi-Hat Heavy soundwave
B MEINL Amun 17" Power Crash
C MEINL Amun 18" Power Crash
D MEINL Custom Shop Splash 8"
E MEINL Amun 18" Power Crash
F MEINL Amun 17" Power Crash
G MEINL Amun 20" Power Bell Ride
H MEINL Raker 14" Hi-Hat Heavy soundwave
I MEINL Amun 18" China
J MEINL Amun 17" Power Crash

-> Bass Drum Pedals:
DW 5000 Turbo Accelerators

-> Skins/Heads:
Snare: Top: Ludwig Rockers clear silver dot / Bottom: Weather King resonant snare
Toms: Top: Evans G 2 / Bottom: Remo Everplay
BD: Top: Remo Everplay / Bottom: Premier BD resonant with hole

-> Sticks:
Vic Firth "american classic rock Jörg Michael weight"

-> Hardware:
Power Tower System from TAMA, HH by Premier

-> Drum chair:


Question : Why do you use two Hi-hats (see letter A and H) ?
Jörg: I have only 2 legs, so when I play double bass I just use a Hi-Hat on the other side of the kit. I can´t control it with any foot so the top cymbal is just about half way open mounted!

"Monster" - Russia: Why most of German drumers use Premier drums and Meinl cymbals? (I think this question is not only for you but for all drumers)
Jörg: MEINL is a German company, so it was easy for them to ask the German drummers, first, to use their equipment. I think it was harder at the time for an American drummer to get in touch with them. I play them since about 1990, that was a time when MEINL wasn't that popular.
PREMIER did a lot of good endorser service lately and these info did spread around, I guess. I play PREMIER drums but e.g. don´t play the hardware. That´s alright with them because they tell me "Only play our stuff when you are 100% convinced with them". I think that´s a cool attitude!

"Monster" - Russia: Why do you need these octobans? You almost not use them in your playing.
Jörg: That´s right, Octobans have more an sound-effect to offer. I would be very bored using them in every song. Mainly I used them perfoming live, drums solo or endings of songs. On top of that, I think it looks extremely cool having them on the side. I think I never really used them in the studio, just for one overdub, I can´t remember the song though. I think it is more a live thing anyway!
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