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Jorg Date of birth: 27 March 1963, Dortmund - Germany

Jörg began drumming at the relatively late age of fifteen. A drum tutor recognized his energetic and ambitious attitude and encouraged his unusually heavy style of playing.

His first professional engagement came in 1983 with the formation of the heavy metal band AVENGER (who later became RAGE). Jörg made their first three albums, "Prayers of Steel", "Reign of Fear" and "Execution Guaranteed".

It was around this time that Jörg had a short flirtation with the German Punk scene, making albums for the underground bands, THE RAYMEN, 100 NAMES and DER RISS.

The raw energy displayed on such albums then became harnessed and refined in the formation of MEKONG DELTA. The intricate rhythmic arrangements and inventive interpretations of classics such as "Toccata" and "Night on a Bare Mountain" received much critical acclaim and the five albums made with Jörg are considered to have cult status in Europe and Japanese underground scenes. Jörg had then the pseudonym of Gordon Perkins in case anyone is wondering!

At the end of the 1980's came a phase of melodic rock music in the form of V2 from Berlin, PAGANINI from Switzerland and LAOS (who were fronted by an English female singer). It was also at this time that RUNNING WILD recruited Jörg for two European tours (Port Royal in '89 and Death or Glory in '90). Jörg later joined RUNNING WILD and has drummed their chart breaking albums "Black Hand Inn" (plus tour) and "Masquerade" (plus tour) as well as their album "The Rivalry" and has been a member of the band until 1997.

Axel RUDI PELL, former guitarist with STEELER, asked Jörg to drum all seven studio albums of his solo project until 1999. This gave Jörg the opportunity to work with the top class rock vocalists such as Jeff Scott Soto, Rob Rock and Charlie Huhn. All the last albums charted in the German Top 50 and the last one was released 1998 and charted Top 30.

The former singer of DESTRUCTION, a trash metal band, also engaged Jörg for his new band HEADHUNTER". Three albums later and a successful tour in Japan and Europe (as support of SAXON), the three-piece is still considered to be one of the most entertaining groups of this Genre.

The return of the Heavy Metal band GRAVE DIGGER" could also interest Jörg enough to make their comeback album and tour in 1993.

An album for south German rockers GLENMORE in 1994 and for GUDRUN LAOS have concentrated his style to the point of forming his own band HOUSE OF SPIRITS who's debut album also received critical acclaim.

Jörg has also drummed the debut album for Adolf Grimme Prize winner ANDREAS BUTLER, and the Danish trashers UNLEASHED POWER and has given tuition and seminars throughout the country.

In 1996, Jörg signed a contract with STRATOVARIUS from Finland and their '96 release "Episode" reached top position in charts in countries such as Finland, Greece, Spain and Japan. The '97 release "Visions" sold more than 150.000 copies world-wide, followed by a very successful tour through 12 countries. After this tour the band released a double live CD in early '98 and reached top positions in charts and reader polls all over the world in Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Japan and became a gold-status band in Finland. Their album "Destiny" was released in October '98 and has already achieved gold in Finland. From now on, Jörg is exclusively playing for STRATOVARIUS.

The last studio album "Infinite", released in February 2000, turned out to be the most successful album of STRATOVARIUS so far. More than 300,000 records sold, gold status again in Finland, sold out shows all over the world with more than 200.000 fans watching the shows manifested another step in the career of the band and Jörg.

After releasing B-Sides, rare material mix and a rare selection of new songs on their "Intermission" album, promoted with a few festival performances through Europe in summer 2001, the band decided to take a break until the release of their forthcoming album "Elements-part1" in January 2003.

In the meantime, Jörg on his side was hired as a session player on BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY album, together with Tarja Turunen of NIGHTWISH, Candice Night of BLACKMORE'S NIGHT and many more.

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