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Pedro Alonso, working on this special edition asked Jörg Michael, in July, about his view on the European heavy metal post-Helloween scene.

Jörg Michael: "I think we are talking after 87-88´right! I still remember how much heavy metal was considered dead at the beginning of the 90´s when out of the blue the Nirvana grunge music was very big.
Everybody was telling that heavy metal was dead but I was just playing heavy metal with GRAVE DIGGER, RUNNING WILD at the time and I think it was just not present in the media as everybody was just focusing on the grunge stuff. We sold the same amount of albums and tickets as we did before.
As always a couple of bands survived this grunge thing and heavy metal came back in the media saying it is a comeback but as we all know metal stays alive and we know where is grunge now... Pearl Jam is still there, ok and the others died on heroin, well done guys!

After that we also have some young, new bands coming up like HAMMERFALL, EDGUY and else who keep the good old vibe alive. I liked it in a way because for a long time people thought this is old fashioned and if you don´t look like a complete fucked up idiot and you are not heroin addicted you can´t make it in the rock scene.
Nowadays the whole scene is a little bit more loosen up in things, of course it is possible to like KISS, JUDAS PRIEST, PEARL JAM and NIRVANA at the same time, there is nothing wrong with that, we have different feelings every days so we like different music, I like that! (as long you don´t get addicted to mindless music like Britney Spears or BACKSTREET BOYS? it will be ok:-) )
In the future I see even more development using different styles together like all these american bands e.g. Limp Bizkit, etc. who mixes a lot of styles together but still in a couple of years STRATOVARIUS will play some music and some other people will like it, metal never dies because it is an expression of honesty, pride, outlawing, revolution and destroying the old crusts of right wings idiots tell us what to do."

Reproduced with permission.

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