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[13:52:39] Editor: So we are ready !

[13:52:55] Editor: Go ahead people !

[13:52:51] Angelic Anna: Hello!!

[13:53:12] jörg: Hello there!

[13:53:26] Kotipelto: Hello everybody! What's up guys?

[13:53:14] Poznanik: hello strato!

[13:53:14] Black_Raven: Hi!

[13:53:19] stratowiruz: excellent!!!

[13:53:23] bono: Hello!

[13:53:30] muirgheal: hi there jorg

[13:54:18] johansson: blööööööärk

[13:54:18] johansson: blööööööärk

[13:54:30] Kotipelto: Hi Bono! How is U2 doing ? ;)

[13:54:34] jörg: hello guzs, i just hve to get familar with this finish kezboard, hello Muriel, the z is a t the wrong position

[13:53:49] Angelic Anna: Hi!!!

[13:53:52] Talios: hey hey

[13:53:52] ML: Waiting for that gig in Tykkimäki..

[13:53:54] muirgheal: We were all waiting for you !

[13:53:56] Longhair: How do you guys like Ayreon?

[13:55:20] Kotipelto: He's a nice guy....too tall in my opinion :)

[13:55:24] johansson: hello. finally this thing is working. fucking broken java on mac!!

[13:55:38] jörg: Did you get my mail still Muriel, i didn't know when the chat started until timo told me this morning

[13:54:13] stratowiruz: everyhting fine at least with myself, how is Strato guys doing?

[13:54:24] MetalGod: Oh man, Great of you to pull a gig in Ruisrock! Turku is waiting for you guys!

[13:54:33] eepek: Is tolkki here?

[13:54:36] Talios: Hello from NEW ZEALAND!!! Come visit us down here please :)

[13:56:10] johansson: tolkki is here.... in spirit. i am channeling him

[13:56:12] jörg: I'm doing fine, can't wit til we hit the stage again

[13:54:39] Hammeriwa: any style changes to the next album?

[13:54:42] jazmani: Hi Stratovarius from Mexico!

[13:54:42] tolkien: hi guys, here Greece....

[13:54:48] muirgheal: JM : LOL

[13:55:30] Talios: johansson - hi from the guys in TEOF as well...

[13:56:54] johansson: style changes: too early to tell! no songs yet..

[13:55:30] Mats: Kotipelto: why didn't you include the Against The Wind promo video on Infinite Visions?

[13:57:10] johansson: hello greece, hello mexico!

[13:57:22] johansson: and hello new zealand!

[13:57:31] Editor: People, there's so many of you we can not let every "hello" through

[13:57:46] Jorg: jörg, what do you think about paiste -cymbals? What cymbals are you using?

[13:57:47] Editor: Ask questions, give comments... ets

[13:57:52] jörg: I hope there is no style chnage with the new album, didn't your like the last one?

[13:55:38] muirgheal: to Jens : do you now remeber how to play BABYLON ???

[13:55:40] Longhair: Kotipelto: Are you going to have some collaborations with Arjen in the near future?

[13:55:52] shurik: greetings from Israe!!!!

[13:55:56] jazmani: Hi johansson did you like Mexico?

[13:58:09] Kotipelto: Mats: Good question...well... to be honest we forgot!!!!

[13:55:58] Angelic Anna: Hi Kotipelto, Where I find "What can I say" - song's lyrics?

[13:56:02] SirJuzzi: Timo... About your solo album: Will it be some like Ayreon? =)

[13:58:33] jörg: I play Meinl Cymbals, I guess Paiste are good as well

[13:58:34] Kotipelto: Longhair: Yes I will. He will play some guitar on my solo album.

[13:58:37] johansson: babylon: did I at some point not remember it? :) I don't remember now...

[13:56:04] Lexa: Hey, Jens! Fellow key-boarder! What up?

[13:56:04] Khantatat: johansson, are you planning to release solo album in the near future?

[13:56:10] stratovarius fan: this not work

[13:56:34] Mal: Do you often visit on the Forum?

[13:59:20] Kotipelto: Angelic Anna: Check out our homepage...they should be there ?

[13:56:54] forever: when are you coming to jyväskylä?

[13:59:24] johansson: fellow keyboardist: not so much! we're going rehearsing later today...

[13:56:59] Phoenix: Hi Strato!

[13:59:39] jörg: Hi Phoenix

[13:59:42] Jorg: jörg, what about the pedals?

[13:57:16] eepek: What do you think can you be in break so long time, without any gigs?

[13:59:59] jörg: Sorry ,which pedals?

[13:57:19] stratovarius fan: work! stupid computer...

[13:57:21] Metalian: So Timo, have you started recording your solo album?

[13:57:26] stratowiruz: new songs rulez fine on Intermission... jens - nice solo on Freedom demo version ;)

[13:57:42] Lexa: Hey Jens! Any chances of gettin' lessons from you?

[14:00:34] johansson: johansson solo records: perhaps we make a few different ones! have about 40 minutes rock material, 30 minutes strange rock material and 20 minutes very strange material... need to sort it in piles an

[14:00:38] Jorg: "twin"?

[13:57:54] Black_Raven: Question to Tolkki: Are you making a new custom guitar? If, what kind of will it be like?

[13:58:06] Nightguest: Kotipelto... When you started to sing

[14:00:56] jörg: I think I can't wait, that's for sure, but it isn't that long and we try to make a killer album again, than it's worth taking a bit time to do that...

[14:00:56] Kotipelto: forver: it probably takes us forver to come there :) Well...we don't have any plans after doing these summer festivals...

[14:01:09] Kotipelto: To EVERYBODY: TIMO TOLKKI IS NOT HERE!!!

[13:58:08] Poznanik: timo K, did you like last gig in Budapest! Whole south Europe was there !!

[13:58:09] stratowiruz: are you going to play new songs alive on summer?


[14:01:24] johansson: it's good to be on break.

[14:02:01] johansson: i don't remember freedom demo solo! generally don't believe in the concept of lessons, especially from me. :)

[14:02:03] jörg: If you are on break you can drink more Jens

[13:58:17] Stormbom: any chance Stratovarius'll ever play a gig at Åland? ;)

[14:02:12] Kotipelto: Angelic Anna: I checked our homepage...the lyrics were not there! Sorry. I will pass them to the webmaster as soon as I find the time....

[14:02:21] johansson: I can also "break" more things.

[13:58:32] line6: Jens, how many notes can you play in a second?

[14:02:36] Kotipelto: Poznanik: That was great! The people were loud and crazy!!!!

[14:02:46] johansson: TK, what are you talking about, I'm channeling TT!

[13:58:42] pollu: Hi there Kotipelto, I was wondering how did you get Michael Romeo from Symphony X to play on your solo album?

[14:03:08] johansson: This is Tolkki, and I'M HERE!!!!!

[14:03:17] Editor: :)

[13:58:52] Phoenix: What festivals do you play in Finland? (I'm sorry, I can't write english very well..)

[13:58:56] Triin: Hi guys! Greetings from England!

[13:58:56] shurik: Do you know why there is impossible to by Intermission in Israel?

[14:03:35] Kotipelto: Stormbom: No plans yet....

[13:58:57] Talios: johansson / kotipelto - is there any chance of a tour downunder? to Australian, or New Zealand?

[14:03:46] Kotipelto: pollu: I phoned him....

[14:04:01] johansson: would love to go to australia/NZ myself, personally.. never been.

[14:04:06] Kotipelto: Triin: Greetings from FinEland!

[13:59:27] archtur: G'day SirS !! I noticed there was a minor mistake in the booklet of the Infinte vision video as there is said you played in Giants of Rock in 88, but it was 89 with Anthrax

[14:04:18] jörg: it's well enough, Kouvola, Ruisrock, TAmmerfest and Tuska festival we plaz in Finland

[13:59:36] Mats: So, are there any plans to play any older material at Tuska? Something from Dreamspace could be very nice!

[13:59:37] Metalian: J'rg, you have played in Grave Digger. Do you like their recent albums?

[13:59:37] Morgane: Timo K : What new with your solo album ?

[13:59:45] eepek: Johansson: I've heard that you know New York like your own pockets, is this true?

[14:05:21] Kotipelto: archtur: well we were not there....

[14:05:27] Jorg: jörg, i meant which bassdrums u r using?

[14:05:29] jörg: Metallin: I don't know the last one, sorry! does it sound anz different from the other ones?

[14:05:34] Kotipelto: Mats: I agree....:)

[14:00:08] tolkien: jens :the video of your handicam from greece will be shown in a strato videoclip?

[14:05:44] johansson: I know new york better than my own pockets! but not better than kotipelto's pocket (i am picking it while he is typing)

[14:00:24] maria: Being a huge Jens-fan, I'd like to know what kind of set-up he uses when doing a gig?

[14:00:27] jazmani: You are great!! Jorg you favourite soccer team?

[14:06:15] jörg: Jorg: Premier 22" X 18" Maple Bass Drums, sometimes birch as well

[14:06:24] Kotipelto: Morgane: ...recordings will start July 23rd....

[14:06:40] johansson: friday i'll again use dx7 and

[14:06:40] johansson: friday i'll again use dx7 an

[14:06:43] jörg: Jazmani: Borussia Dortmund

[14:06:53] johansson: ...sorry. dx7 and roland 1080. :)

[14:00:32] SirJuzzi: Kotipelto: You have some prog metal players on your solo album, so will it be prog metal? Please say it will =)

[14:00:35] Rainman: I never got that Strato guitar pick when I joined your club!

[14:00:54] senszar: do you know will timo t write a book? :)

[14:08:00] Kotipelto: SirJuzzi: No, it won,A4(Bt be prog!

[14:01:02] kot kot: Hi! When are you coming to Lahti? You have cancelled last two gigs...

[14:08:10] jörg: senszar: i don't know about Tolkki, probably he does but Jens will write one...

[14:08:23] Kotipelto: kot ko: We have played once there...

[14:08:26] johansson: I will write a book about Tolkki!

[14:08:39] johansson: Dunno abt Lahti..

[14:01:08] Khantatat: johansson, so you can release a double cd then :-)

[14:01:15] Angelic Anna: What is yours favorite song from Intermission?

[14:01:32] Anonymous: Jens: what keyboards are you using?

[14:01:45] archtur: Jorg : were you involved in the present Destruction/Dimmu B tour as a tour manager !?

[14:01:50] Zameryn: Hello from Scotland everyone

[14:01:59] stratowiruz: too bad Tolkki not there, but anyway... Kotipelto please send hello for him from Mexican Melissa :)

[14:09:42] jörg: Angelic: it's the 45 minute drum solo but it didn't make it n the album seriously I like the Will my sould ever rest in peace best....

[14:10:08] Kotipelto: Stratowiruz: Sure! Greetings from Helsinki to you as well!

[14:10:07] kot kot: ->editor: how can this be so slow? There's "only" 78 users...

[14:10:24] jörg: archtur: I did a couple of shows with them...

[14:10:43] Editor: This is not "slow" , I'm just not letting everything through :)

[14:10:19] sirVäinö: Nightwish?

[14:10:23] Kadavre: hi Kotipelto!

[14:11:15] johansson: I think I like "Cold WInter Nights" best!

[14:11:23] jörg: zameron: scottland where?

[14:11:37] johansson: Nightwish!

[14:11:42] Editor: So please questions and comments, those will make it through !

[14:11:53] Editor: The space is limited you know :)

[14:10:34] virtanen: Jens: what are the Johansson recordings like (the last viking...etc) are they metal??

[14:12:03] jörg: zameryn: sorry, I get mixed up with the finnish keyboard again...

[14:10:34] nice: i orded your last cd, and it didn't work!

[14:10:35] Maniac: hello to everybody

[14:10:36] jazmani: Kotipelto will you all came back in the future to Mexico cites?

[14:10:36] ugli: Hey dudes, great job on Destiny!

[14:12:39] johansson: i'd say "last viking" is metal, yes, at least some sort of metal! i think there are a few mp3 samples up on the web..

[14:10:41] muirgheal: timo & timo : cliff can't reach the chat. he says HELLO

[14:10:57] MetalGod: where are you guys at the moment?

[14:13:21] johansson: we are in helsinki. rehearsing for midsummer gigs.

[14:11:05] Törmä: Timo: Do u have any unplugged songs in CD ? and if u have where can I get it?

[14:11:13] Black_Raven: Kotipelto: Do you like Children of Bodom?

[14:13:39] Kotipelto: jazmani: I do hope so! It was great, hopefully we have more time to meet the fans and to relax! Last time the schedule was too tight!

[14:13:39] jörg: Metalgod: don't know it's a weird planet, the town called hellsinki!!!!!!!!!

[14:11:14] SirJuzzi: Yeah, Strato guys, have you seen Nightwish DVD?

[14:14:00] Kotipelto: muirgheal: Hi to Cliff!

[14:14:06] Jorg: tell us what songs r u guys going to play at Kouvola next friday?

[14:14:15] jörg: Sirjuzzi: I have seen parts

[14:14:19] Kotipelto: Black_raven: They are very good players and nice guys!

[14:14:20] johansson: NW DVD is nice, but they DIDN'T BLOW UP ANY TOILETS! What's wrong with those guys!?!??

[14:11:26] Katja: I just wanted to ask that how are you all today? I wish for a great summer to come!

[14:11:31] stratovarius fan: Kotipelto: when you come Oulu

[14:11:37] Triin: What do you think there is about Finland that there are so many great metal bands there? Is it the cold and the vodka? :-)

[14:15:02] Kotipelto: Törmä: Hi Tero! On my solo album or on Strato albums ?

[14:15:11] jörg: jorg: we still don't know ourself, still argueing about it... what is it xou want to hear??????

[14:15:18] johansson: we are all doing fine! I wish for a little nicer weather for juhannus

[14:15:21] Kotipelto: Stratovarius fan: Maybe on the next tour 2003 or something...

[14:11:37] archtur: Jorg : How do you feel when your ex band mater Schmier from your HeadHunter dates teamed up and reformed Desturction after all ?!

[14:11:38] Nightguest: Jens... How long have you played keyboars? You are great player... Do you know Tuomas Holopainen from Nightwish? He is great too...

[14:15:34] johansson: I want to play PARANOID just to make Jari happy. :)

[14:11:46] Yngwie: lita ford or joan jett ?

[14:15:41] Kotipelto: Triin: Excatly!

[14:11:49] Lexa: Any Dream Theater fans in the band?

[14:12:07] Hycke: When does your next album come to stores?

[14:16:10] johansson: I played a long time, perhaps 20 years or more. I like NW a lot, it's very good stuf!!!!!

[14:16:22] Kotipelto: Lexa: I guess we all like the band a bit. I personally love images and words but not the latest one so much...

[14:16:26] Jorg: jörg, play some cover like Hammer Smashed Face.

[14:16:36] johansson: exchanged one or two emails w tuomas, he is good I think

[14:12:08] Djinn: I have a wachy idea....why don,A4(Bt you go a tour with Rhapsody....there would some kick ass gigs!!!

[14:16:50] jörg: archtur: I told him alreadz years ago he should do that, I mean that is the band everzbodz knows him from and Schmier is more destruction htan everzbodz else in the band

[14:12:11] senszar: could tolkki sing a bit on the next album?

[14:12:14] Lidia: hello from Romania .....

[14:17:01] Kotipelto: Djinn: We did...

[14:12:32] venom: How independent are you with your music? Whay is the role of record companies, can you choose all songs in your album?

[14:17:10] johansson: Yngwie, Lita Ford, or Joan Jett? Answer: Not Yngwie at least! :)

[14:12:47] Khantatat: Kotipelto, when are you opening the website for the solo project?

[14:12:52] muirgheal: jorg : do you write your drum parts ?

[14:17:36] Kotipelto: senszar: he will! On his solo....:) I don't mind him singing ALL the songs on the next Strato albums! :)

[14:17:39] jörg: venom: of course, what the point doing this job if zou are a puppet of zour record companz?????

[14:17:47] johansson: Tolkki could sing a bit on the next album! He could play a bit of accordion as well.

[14:13:03] Stormbom: Johansson: any chance you'll record with Göran Edman again?

[14:13:07] Angelic Anna: Bloodstone guitarsolo is great!!

[14:18:19] johansson: We were on tour with rapsody already.. perhas that was just an evil joke. :)

[14:18:20] jörg: Muirgheal: more than writing I play them but i do it myself

[14:13:12] Mal: Why you add sentence "voihan vittu" end of the curtains are falling? It is quite funny =)

[14:18:28] Kotipelto: Khantatat: Probably at the end of summer....but it will more like a small teaser page...

[14:13:33] Kyösti: What are you favourite bands? Besides Strat. =)

[14:13:35] ylervi: have you guys ever played in airguitar shows?

[14:18:42] Kotipelto: Lidia: Hi there! How's the rabbit doing ? :)

[14:19:10] Kotipelto: Mal: singing isin't always just joy....

[14:13:47] shurik: Have you heard any russian metal bands?

[14:19:15] johansson: Re Göran, there is a chance of course but I think he's trying to cut down on the amount of work he does in the future..

[14:19:20] jörg: Kyösti; Rammstein, judas Priest, Dead can Dance and about 1500 other bands, as long it is good >I like it

[14:19:44] jörg: shurik: I know Victor Smolsky from rage

[14:19:44] jörg: shurik: I know Victor Smolsky from rage

[14:14:04] tytti: Kainulainen: Will you stay in Ruisrock to see HIM?

[14:14:10] Talios: mmm Nightwish DVD - wish I could get that and the Strato DVD here in NZ :(

[14:14:20] archtur: Jens : Have any hotels started demanding the money for all the annihilation what you caused on the tour and hotels

[14:14:26] In_Shadow: Kotipelto: Have you heard Dio and Blackmore creating Rainbow again? What do you think about it?

[14:20:14] Kotipelto: tytti: Jari isin't here....but we will! And he will. And we will drink....:)

[14:20:41] jörg: Shurik: I have a tape of Gorky Park playing on the liztomania festival with Mötley Crue, bon JOvi

[14:20:48] johansson: good point.. the hotel annihilation budget needs to be revised... need to speak to Nuclear Blast about that.

[14:20:29] Lexa: Guys! Please play "Abyss of your eyes" at Ruisrock. Any chance? It would mean alot,,,

[14:20:39] shurik: Ask Jens to channel Jari too ...

[14:20:46] Globe*: what means "stratovarius" ?

[14:20:55] jazmani: Kotipelto: Did have you talked with Michael Kiske, what do you think about him?

[14:21:01] shurik: Jorg: have you heard about Aria?

[14:15:00] Zameryn: Any more DVD's on the way?

[14:15:01] Black_Raven: Jens: Are you that crazy everybody says? :)

[14:21:36] jörg: Lexa;:Unfortunately not so much people like this songs as other ones butr for me it is one of the best songs of Strato

[14:15:03] simo_kotipelto: HI Mr KOTIPELTO......i can't believe i can talk with you (I AM A GIRL BUT MY NAME..)

[14:21:40] Kotipelto: In_shadow: No I haven't. They tried to do it a couple of years ago but then Cozy died and that was it. It would be great to see them together again!

[14:21:54] johansson: I can't see HIM because I will be in hospital having koskenkorva pumped from stomach

[14:22:00] Kotipelto: Globe: check out our homepage FAQ....:)

[14:21:50] Grinder: Hey Stratovarius! I want to know what songs you play in Tuska?

[14:22:19] jörg: shurik; sorry; I don't...

[14:22:24] Kotipelto: simo_kotipelto: whatta nice name you have :)

[14:22:30] johansson: i'm much worse than everybody says.

[14:23:05] johansson: HI Mr KOTIPELTO......i can't believe i can talk with you (I always wanted to be GIRL BUT MY NAME.. jens)

[14:23:19] jörg: Grinder: would be nice to know, we are still argueing about it, what do zu want to hear????

[14:22:00] Phoenix: What songs do you play in Ruisrock? and how many?

[14:22:05] tytti: Kotipelto: OK, see you in Ruisrock, especially hope to see Jari ; )

[14:23:46] Kotipelto: johansson: Hey Mr. Johansson! I can't believe I have be in the same band with you ! (I don't know what I am...) :)

[14:23:50] johansson: let's do a sabbath medley!

[14:23:50] Editor: The chat will last until 15.00 Finnish time, 30 more minuter

[14:23:59] Editor: Unless the guys want to go on longer....

[14:22:25] strato fan: all: how long you have played your instruments?

[14:22:51] stratovarius fan: Kotipelto: does Stratovarius comes from Stradivarius

[14:23:04] Dickinson: Are you gonna pump your next album full of songs....or how many? =)

[14:23:05] Fullbooze: do you have lots of GIRLSSSS

[14:25:09] Kotipelto: Stratovarius fan: Stradivarius+fenderius= Stratovarius

[14:25:20] johansson: 10 songs... perhaps.

[14:23:46] jazmani: Did you guys like "The Master Of The Rings" Books?

[14:25:29] jörg: strato fan: I,A4(Bm 23 years old and I play about 25 years

[14:25:35] Kotipelto: fullbooze: YEAH! Here at Saunalahti's office we have at least 3!!! :)

[14:23:47] open minded: how long gig will you play at kouvola?

[14:23:58] Laeh: Kotipelto who is your biggest idol?

[14:24:02] Kirsikka: Do you like HIM???? :0)

[14:24:04] Nightguest: Kotipelto. Have you ever played in eastern finland? Here lots of fans...

[14:25:59] johansson: 3 and a half if you count me (wannabe transvestite)

[14:26:14] jörg: open minded: about 70 minutes I think...

[14:26:20] Jorg: open minded, I think you can read that from partyplanet website (

[14:26:23] Kotipelto: Laeh: Dio, Dickinson, Coverdale, Tate....Jens...

[14:26:28] johansson: (didn't we play huvikumpi? isn't that east somewhere?)

[14:24:33] venom: hey remember to show some blood on the stage!!!!!

[14:26:53] jörg: Kirsikka: I like them a lot, I brought the first album to Saksa when it even hasn,A4(Bt been released there

[14:26:58] Kotipelto: Nightguest: never. We were supposed to play in Ilosaarirock this year but couldn,A4(Bt do it :(

[14:24:53] stratowiruz: kotipelto - can you play guitar or some other instrument?

[14:24:53] Incarnation: Kotipelto: Will you tour after your solo album?

[14:24:54] ingrid: Hi Strato, best greetings from the Estonian fanbase!

[14:27:21] Kotipelto: Kirsikka: they are nice guys. Gus will play some drums on my solo thing....

[14:27:30] johansson: hello ingrid!

[14:25:12] archtur: Strato do you find it important your videos are avaiable on the net for people to download cos music channels don't show any for example "Huntin high" was availble on metal rules with permission give

[14:27:41] jörg: Ingrid: Hello there, how is life????

[14:25:20] Rainman: never got the Strato pick, payed 100mk, feel cheated, goin home to cry...

[14:25:30] Maniac: Kotipelto: how many hours are you practising with your voise and how do you do this?

[14:25:46] In_Shadow: johansson: Have you read F. Herbert's Dune?

[14:27:56] Kotipelto: Incarnation: At least not before! :) Let,A4(Bs see...probably not "real" touring (2 months on the road)...

[14:28:10] johansson: never did read dune, i'm afraid!

[14:26:04] Jaska: Jens, was it nice to play with Yngwie Malmsteen? Is there differences between Malmsteen and Stratovarius?

[14:26:05] Pöö: Coming from Finland to check your live playing in Bang Your Head... Do I have any chance to meet you???

[14:29:04] johansson: malmsteen experience was nice, especially in retrospect! we were young and reckless. :)

[14:26:47] Stormbom: I'm asking this on behalf of Fireblade: What's going on with the fan club???

[14:26:47] simo_kotipelto: KOTIPELTO....... come to italy or france doing some summer festivals......not only in finland!!!!! we need you here!!!!

[14:29:25] Kotipelto: Maniac: nowadays basically none...I used to quite a lot. Well, actually I did rehearse about 5 days (30min-90mins) a week ago for the summer festivals...

[14:27:23] Zameryn: Kotipelto,have you ever taken singing lessons?

[14:27:26] Stormrider: Did you guys like Tobias Sammet's Avantasia? Tolkki did some voice things on it.

[14:27:44] tytti: Kotipelto: Does Jari have a girlfriend? If so, is she coming along to Ruisrock?

[14:30:13] johansson: differences between YM and strato: about 10000% less frustration nowadays. :)

[14:27:45] shurik: Kotipelto: nice interview with Israeli Metal Hammer !!!

[14:30:35] jörg: archtur: I think it is good that zou can download out od the mentioned reason, that,A4(Bs wzh we put the video clips also at the end of the home video to let people know about it, unfortunately there are

[14:30:35] Kotipelto: Pöö: We are going to have a fan meeting/signing session in Balingen!!! 3.30PM if I,A4(Bm right...

[14:27:51] Mal: I wish you could come here in Kuusamo or Rovaniemi, Oulu is too far from me

[14:28:04] Triin: Guys, do you know any Estonian rockbands?

[14:31:06] Kotipelto: Simo_K: On the next tour, I promise!

[14:28:16] strato fan: all: What is your favorite your own track?

[14:28:18] Kyösti: You guys are the best! Thank you very much for this chat! This is great!!

[14:28:22] dusios: What is your opinion of Napster and illegal music distribution?

[14:31:29] Kotipelto: shurik: I got the magazine on the post! It looks very nice but I can,A4(Bt understand a word....:)

[14:31:39] johansson: Don't care much for Napster...

[14:28:42] In_Shadow: johansson: If found your ideas close to Herbert's or his to yours :))

[14:28:45] Poznanik: jens, what do u think about Andre ANderssen from Royal Hunt?

[14:31:58] johansson:

[14:28:58] maria: jens, what's your worst merory of yngwie?

[14:32:04] jörg: Mal . we should play in Levy and have some downhill skiing at the same time and a few salmiakkikoskenkorva drinks o top, everzthing is possible...

[14:32:08] Jorg: Kotipelto, when are you going to play in Irak?

[14:32:32] johansson: worst memory of Yngwie? that's a difficult question!!! :)

[14:29:52] Triin: I had a friend go see an Yngwie gig last week, apparently he weighs 17 or 18 stone now but still plays as good as ever.

[14:29:54] Djinn: When are you going to conquer USA???

[14:33:23] Kotipelto: jorg: don't know....

[14:33:27] johansson: I think Yngwie has tried to shape up his "public image" a bit lately, so he's been nice to fans etc! That is good i think!

[14:33:50] Editor: The chat system kicks you out after 10 min, if you don't write anything, just log on again

[14:30:02] Black_Raven: Kotipelto: Do you remember your first gig, if you were frightened or something?

[14:34:00] johansson: We'll try in USA at the time we make a new CD, perhaps!

[14:30:08] stratowiruz: jörg - thanx giving me drum stick at Nosturi warm-up bacm in 2000, i really appreciate it

[14:34:26] jörg: Djinn: we had quite a lot of offers playing there but so far nothing was right for us time wise mostely, have zou heard about the prog pwoer festival in the states? how big is it?

[14:30:18] Dreamspace87: What's going on with Antti Ikonen nowadays? Jens, what did you think of him?

[14:34:53] Kotipelto: Black_raven: With Strato ? Or my "first show"?

[14:35:09] johansson: I like Antti's playing a lot, I think the older Strato records sound great. One of the reasons I joined the band.. :)

[14:31:09] strato fan: What do you think about guano ape's music?

[14:35:18] Kotipelto: Djinn: Yes we will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

[14:35:18] jörg: stratowiruz: not a bigd deal,but sorrz for the guys I promised them and never send, happened quite a lot of times, antekksi

[14:31:11] Mal: Opinions about Sonata Arctica?

[14:31:20] Jaska: Jens, why there is less frustration nowadays?

[14:31:42] In_Shadow: johansson: What d'you think about Russia? Any plans to go there?

[14:31:51] simo_kotipelto: KOTIPELTO: why don't you come in the official chat??????(however I saw you on infinite tour in france...just great!!!!!!!)

[14:36:04] Kotipelto: Mal: Nice guys! Mikko will do some keyboards on my....blah blah blah....album....

[14:36:16] johansson: Jaska: I think if you look up for instance the story of how Jörn Lande left Yngwies band this spring..

[14:36:22] johansson: will become clearer to you.

[14:31:59] Dickinson: I've been wondering...why haven't you ever played ''Years Go By'' live??!!

[14:36:36] Kotipelto: simo_kotipelto: I've been there 3 times already....I will pop in every now and then!

[14:36:39] johansson: will become clearer to you.

[14:36:39] jörg: Mal: zoung and unexperienced when it comes down to drinking salmiakki, quite good music though, but thez should learn to drink soon otherwise they won't make it:-)

[14:32:13] shurik: Interesting why you can't understand it :) Any chance to see you here in Israel?

[14:32:40] hevinainen83: could you come to vaasa..??

[14:32:59] Talios: right.... who ever set this chat to disconnect users who are idle is a wally, I see jens mentioned napster, was that in response to my question>?

[14:37:36] Kotipelto: Dickinson: There's some other nice songs (like: full moon) that we haven't played live! It's hard to choose what to play when you've done 8 and a half studio albums....

[14:37:37] johansson: I thought russia was OK when i went there!

[14:33:04] larry: when you guys are coming to Ikaalinen? do we have any change?

[14:33:09] line6: How old are you Jens?

[14:33:10] maria: jens, please try to recall a really ugly one for me!

[14:38:08] jörg: shurik: Last time when we played Greece, we thought to give it a chance to come down there, it didn't work out, mazbe next time...

[14:38:19] johansson: perhaps.. if the question was about napster. :)

[14:33:37] jazmani: Kotipelto, did you like the beer of Mexico?, you know ...

[14:38:27] Kotipelto: shurik: let's see, maybe on the next tour. Hopefully you guys can find the piece down there.

[14:33:58] Triin: That's right, Jens, my friend said Yngqie was very polite and signed everything anyone wanted signed.

[14:38:41] johansson: I'm 37, ..... I think! I was born november 63. I stopped keeping track when I turned 35!

[14:38:43] Kotipelto: jazmani: SOL is cool! (When it's cool! :)

[14:34:21] Poznanik: Do u read FORUM on Official Strato page? What do u think about it?

[14:34:24] hazel: All: In the future you could concider putting one cover song on your album:Queensryche:I don't believe in love. Loved it when I heard it in Tavastia at the Episode gig ! Though I've always loved that

[14:34:43] open minded: do you get along with each other?

[14:39:12] Kotipelto: Poznananik: I do sometimes. I think it,A4(Bs a nice place for the fans to discuss.

[14:39:12] jörg: Line6: jens is 666 and he turns younger every day...

[14:34:43] Incarnation: Jens: What's up with your website? When are you planning on updating it the next time?
[14:34:44] Allison: What pets do you men have?

[14:34:52] EvilG: Jens! What other keybordists do you like or have influenced your style (metal and non-metal!!!)???

[14:34:54] strato fan: what do you think about godsmack, apocalyptica?

[14:35:05] Zameryn: What do you guy's think of Kamelot's album "Karma"?

[14:35:13] Törmä: Timo: I mean Strato stuff do u have that unplugged?

[14:35:14] line6: Jörg, do you like finnish women?

[14:39:50] johansson: we get along with each other.

[14:39:56] Kotipelto: hazel: Operation Mindcrime is my fave album! But we don,A4(Bt play that many covers with Strato. Maybe on the next Episode gig...

[14:40:05] johansson: dunno when i'll update that thing..

[14:40:18] johansson: jörg likes to finish women!

[14:35:15] Warrior: Kotipelto, which Stratovarius song is hardest to sing?

[14:40:39] johansson: pets? :)

[14:40:41] jörg: poznanik: I read the forum even I haen't been part of it often yet, it's verz interesting to see what other peoöe think about certain thingk concerning the band???

[14:35:20] Stormbom: Do you think Nuclear Blast has done a better job thus far than Noise did?

[14:40:55] Kotipelto: Törmä: don't have any....

[14:35:31] Maniac: to all the band members:is there a possibility to come here in Greece this summer for your last show?you know that we LOVE you all!!!!

[14:41:00] jörg: line6: Double T, go away...

[14:35:38] Black_Raven: Kotipelto: first show ever and first with Strato.

[14:41:05] johansson: I think Tolkki has a guinea pig!

[14:41:07] Kotipelto: Warrior: Stratosphere!

[14:35:46] FeVen: Kotipelto: Are you coming on vacation to your home? I mean in Lappajärvi? Or are you to busy to have any vacations?

[14:35:59] Infinite-Dreams: hello strato guys
[14:36:02] shurik: What do you think about Annihilator?

[14:41:41] johansson: I have lots of confidence in Blast, I must say...

[14:41:52] johansson: I really like Annihilator, myself.

[14:41:54] Kotipelto: Black-Raven: That was at Tavastia. I wasn't so nervous. The normal thing. If I,A4(Bm not nervous at all the gig will suck on my part!

[14:36:47] In_Shadow: All_the_group: When you guys appear on official chat?

[14:36:57] Heppa: Kotipelto: Can i find Filthy asses songs anywhere ? [14:37:18] michael: jens:but you play his songs better..for example "distant skies"
[14:37:44] strato fan: all: How old is stratovarius band?

[14:42:28] Kotipelto: Feven: Quite busy. I,A4(Bm trying to find some time but it doesn't look very promising.

[14:37:58] Pöö: Is there any chance, even a little one, to have you to play in the best rockclub in Finland... to Lutakko, Jyväskylä!

[14:38:10] tontsa: Hi Stratovarius, just joined. What are your midsummer plans?

[14:38:12] Törmä: Timo: I mean Strato stuff u have that unplugged ?

[14:38:14] jazmani: kotipelto: your favourite soccer team?

[14:43:11] Kotipelto: Heppa: Yeah, at my place....

[14:38:19] Poznanik: any chance for real WORLD TOUR for your next album? USA,ASIA...

[14:43:14] johansson: Not filthy asses _songs_, but plenty of filthy asses backstage at every strato show.

[14:43:17] Kotipelto: Törmä: no.

[14:43:40] Kotipelto: tontsa: Tykkimäki, Kouvola.

[14:38:33] In_Shadow: johansson: What doy you think about Therion and Cristopher Johannsson?

[14:38:34] Andre: Are you planning any collaboration as Stratovarius with other artists ?

[14:43:55] jörg: strato fan: I think almost 18 years it count from the verz befinning

[14:44:01] johansson: Poznanik: perhaps! difficult to say from where i'm typing

[14:38:47] Kadavre: Bye Stratovarius (got to go to work)

[14:38:48] stratowiruz: jens - have you learn any new Finnish these days?

[14:44:10] Kotipelto: Johansson: especially after you bastard have blown the toilet :)

[14:39:02] Nightguest: Jens... Have you done your jazz album ready or was it just a joke.?

[14:44:42] Kotipelto: andre: not at the moment.

[14:44:51] jörg: tonsta: we play in kouvola on friday before we party on saturday...

[14:44:55] johansson: no "jazz" album done yet, only have a pile of material that needs to be added to.

[14:39:10] Jaska: Where is Timo Tolkki?

[14:39:11] Incarnation: Jörg: What will you be doing during the break?

[14:45:09] Kotipelto: Jaska: at home.

[14:39:37] Fullbooze: what do you think about finnish Black metal scene ... do you know any bands from it ?

[14:39:39] Maniac: until which age do you believe that you are going to play?

[14:39:41] *Chris83*: Kotipelto:Is it true that Stratovarius have teach Sonata Arctica how to play??

[14:39:56] Hena: Do you feel that what you do (as Stratovarius) is a hard job?

[14:39:59] stratowiruz: jens - songs you wrote for Strato are so good, make it more for next record...

[14:45:32] johansson: I will play at least until I'm 23.

[14:40:19] line6: Jens and Jörg you are humorous gyus!

[14:45:57] Kotipelto: chis: ask the guys! I taught Tony how to drink on his last birthday...and he vomited!

[14:46:03] johansson: OK, I'll make some more songs then!

[14:40:22] virtanen: Johansson: Maybe, but you and hotel managers.... Don't think so ;)

[14:46:25] johansson: I wouldn't say strato is a "hard" job, but it can be challenging sometimes! That is good.

[14:40:25] pinhead: mistä löytää Tolkin Esp kitaroita suomesta??

[14:46:47] johansson: Tony *earned* his vomiting elk shirt.

[14:40:48] hazel: Kotipelto: So when can we expect to see Episode again ???

[14:41:01] Anonymous: hello from australia

[14:47:21] johansson: I'M HERE!!!!!!

[14:41:07] shurik: What do you think about Skyclad?

[14:47:38] Kotipelto: hazel: don,A4(Bt know. no time for that right now. Let's see after recording the solo thing...

[14:47:38] jörg: Incarnation: many things, beside plazing the drums and work on mz skills I will spent a lot of time at mz hobbies means beer drinking and watching football on TV and complain about how bas the plazer

[14:41:09] virtanen: Why don't Kainulainen or Jorg come to the Forum??

[14:41:10] Rubens: Timo, did you change the words for FREEDOM in the Intermission album?

[14:41:48] simo_kotipelto: KOTIPELTO...........what is your favourite strato's song....i mean, the one you love to sing

[14:41:50] ML: Were you angry when Noise decided to release 'The Chosen Ones'?

[14:48:31] johansson: Jörg is here! Kainulainen is home. I am channeling him.

[14:48:41] jörg: Incarnation: seriously: I want to work and be prepared best I can to be able to play the best Strato album ever...

[14:48:54] Kotipelto: Rubens: no. Those lyrics which are on the special edition are just demo lyrics....

[14:42:06] Nightguest: Jörg... What's your nickname in the band?

[14:42:09] Djinn: Do you like Rhapsody?

[14:42:12] line6: jens, how many notes can you play in a second?

[14:42:14] FeVen: Is someone of you married/engaged?

[14:49:07] jörg: Nightguest: Idiot

[14:42:30] jazmani: Johansson, what will you all do after this chat?

[14:49:18] Kotipelto: simo_kotipelto: can't pick just one!

[14:49:32] johansson: I wouldn't say "angry" but it wasn't the best timing for us. Shit happens. :)

[14:43:28] Incarnation: Kotipelto: How is your hand now?

[14:49:56] Editor: Apologies for not being able to let every message come through

[14:49:57] johansson: I can play five billion notes per second.

[14:50:02] Editor: There is so many of you....

[14:43:49] shurik: What do you think about unplugged album?

[14:50:32] jörg: virtanen: I visit the forum but I am not part of it so far verz often, but I read it quite often, interesting...

[14:50:34] Kotipelto: Incarnation: "hanging" there...It,A4(Bs okay! Fully recovered except I,A4(Bm missing some pigment...

[14:44:36] ExiledStargazer: Hi, Stratovarius! Will there ever be a new live album?

[14:50:48] johansson: After this chat I will...

[14:44:43] Törmä: When is that Tuska festival in Helsinki ?

[14:50:59] johansson: ....I will.........

[14:51:01] Kotipelto: shurik: unplugged ?

[14:44:57] In_Shadow: Stratovarius, what do you think about the ways metall goes? What we`ll have in 2004 and later?

[14:44:58] Warrior_: Kotipelto, Stratosphere is pretty hard to sing =) But what about songs which have words? Any song hard to sing?

[14:45:01] Maniac: to all band members :with all this work in the band do you have time for any personal life?

[14:51:29] johansson: ...go rehearse. at 1700.

[14:45:08] Jorg: have to go. c u at Kouvola. play that Paranoid there.

[14:51:43] Kotipelto: Törmä: July 13th we play in Kaisaniemi and we will blow the f***ng park up in the sky! :)

[14:51:55] Kotipelto: W

[14:45:51] simo_kotipelto: KOTIPELTO......when will you come back to the official strato chat??????? few days ago, i entered when you just left..... i was so sad!!!!!!!!

[14:52:11] jörg: in-shadow: I can't look in the future so nobidy really know, nowadazs the scene is quite open and verz intersting in mzy opinion

[14:52:14] Kotipelto: Warrior: Some are...some are not....

[14:52:27] johansson: I think we should make a live DVD next time. (TK, JM, what do you guys think? stupid that I don't just..

[14:45:58] Angelic Anna: Do you guys have any hobbies?

[14:46:02] virtanen: Jens: Why don't you post in the Strato-Forum??

[14:52:39] johansson: to you instead of typing this, isn't it.. :) )

[14:46:14] ExiledStargazer: All: What do you hate?

[14:53:27] Kotipelto: angelic anna: we do! I do some sports....reading books....drinking....internet....emails....aaarrrggghhh!

[14:53:22] open minded: if you weren't playing in a band, what would you do?

[14:53:45] johansson: strato-forum is web-based, I usually just use internet two minutes per day to download/upload email

[14:53:37] Black_Raven: Kotipelto: How do you make lyrics? Is it hard to find matching words and where do you take the ideas?

[14:54:03] Kotipelto: open minded: I would manage a band! :) I would probably work in the radio or something...

[14:54:08] jörg: maniac: basically things get mixed verz easisly, privat life and strato life sometimes become the same, especially if you being in one bus with all the other ones for 3 month....

[14:54:15] johansson: we're planning to develop our personal lives during this break!

[14:53:47] simo_kotipelto: KOTIPELTO in the DVD did you put the images you recorded during the tour???? i remember that you had a camera at the concert I went to...

[14:53:50] Rubens: Kotipelto: have you ever play in USA?

[14:53:53] Zameryn: Would you like to work with Kai Hansen??

[14:53:57] Allison: well what kind of books do you read TK?

[14:53:57] Angelic Anna: Bye guys!!! I have to go now... See you in the tammerfest gig.

[14:54:20] Syltty: Jens: your songs are wonderful!!! =)

[14:54:24] Incarnation: All: When was the last time you had a "day job"?

[14:54:54] Kotipelto: Black_Raven: it depens on the subject. Sometimes it takes a lot of time. I'm just about to start working on the solo album and that's a hell of a job...

[14:54:33] muirgheal: kotipelto : about lyrics -> do you write them first in finsih ??

[14:55:13] johansson: bye anna! thanks syltty! :) I had my last day job in 1982 I think.

[14:54:50] open minded: where do you like to perform?

[14:55:21] Kotipelto: simo K: Yes, there,A4(Bs a lot of my stuff...

[14:54:54] Triin: All: What do you think about Alice Cooper?

[14:54:56] ExiledStargazer: What music will Strato be playing in 2020?

[14:55:23] shadow: when are you guys coming to australia?

[14:55:45] jörg: Angelic Anna: OK see you there and have lots of fun

[14:55:50] Kotipelto: muirgheal: no.

[14:55:52] johansson: not a great fan of cooper but he has his points!

[14:55:30] Morgane: TK, Jorg, Jens: Have you carry on an other profession before to be musician ?

[14:55:53] In_Shadow: Kotipelto: What do you feel when you sing "Forever"?

[14:49:37] senszar: how many fans do you think you approximately have?

[14:56:08] Kotipelto: ExiledStargaze: humppa

[14:49:44] *Chris83*: Jens: Do you like Lapin Kulta because i saw you when you drink it in huvikumpu. And you face was shining after the first drink:)

[14:56:31] jörg: Incarnation: I can't remeber, right after school I did a few....

[14:50:02] Angelic Anna: Coming home is very good song. We have sing it in school.

[14:56:38] johansson: day job in 1982; programmer in a swedish hospital.

[14:56:40] Kotipelto: In-shadow: it,A4(Bs a cool song and I love it when the people are joining in!!!

[14:50:27] Judas: Hello Stratovarius!

[14:50:28] Rubens: Kotipelto: when u'll be playing again here in Brazil?

[14:57:05] jörg: judas: hello, how is it going?

[14:50:39] EvilG: Please don't do an unplugged album...that's too trendy don't you think????

[14:57:19] Kotipelto: Rubens: with Strato ? 2003. Solo - don,A4(Bt know.

[14:57:21] johansson: lapin kulta is the fountain of youth. every time I drink one my mental age decreases by one year...

[14:50:44] muirgheal: kotipelto : some said you could have cancer because of your hand accident...

[14:50:52] Mal: Can we never get Infinite Visions part 2?

[14:51:00] Freedom Call: Which bands do you think you have become friends with?

[14:51:00] Guitarmaster: How many hours do you guys practise at day

[14:57:40] johansson: brazil: perhaps 2003? I hope, i love brazil!

[14:57:43] jörg: Evil G: I hate acoustic unplugged albums, the metal songs sound verz wimpz and >I can,A4(Bt play the drums really loud

[14:51:31] Triin: Yeah, what do you think about nu metal?

[14:51:42] Zameryn: When is the new studio album coming ouy?

[14:58:14] Kotipelto: muirgheal: not from the accident. But the fire burnt away some pigment on my hand so to keep the hand in the sun is a risk...

[14:52:21] stratowiruz: ok guys see you at Tuska and or Ruisrock ...great, waiting new songs to hear if possible!

[14:52:32] Fireblade: can anyone hear me? Kisses to Strato! :)

[14:58:39] johansson: new album is planned early 2003. maybe earlier!

[14:53:03] Törmä: Ok Timo I'll be there to watch out that blow at that park and keeping your word...:)

[14:58:54] Kotipelto: Triin: I don't think about it.

[14:58:54] jörg: muirgheal: he had cancer before but don,A4(Bt tell him..

[14:53:14] senszar: how many fans do you think you approximately have?

[14:59:30] johansson: looks like we have 71 fans at the moment. :)

[14:59:44] Kotipelto: Törmä: Great. See you!

[15:00:03] Kotipelto: senszar: I know of 7 and a half.

[15:00:04] Editor: Looks like 90 from here - people go ahead and ask

[15:00:19] johansson: each one bought 5000 records. :)

[15:00:27] Kotipelto: Fireblade: Hail to England!

[15:00:30] jörg: zameryn: hopefullz end of next year earliest or beginnign of 2003 we hope..

[15:00:36] Editor: We can go on, folks, so more messages please !

[15:00:21] senszar: you can add me to the fan list!

[15:00:26] muirgheal: Jörg: have you read the topic in the forum where some wonder who share your life ??

[15:00:27] firebladeeee: er... sorry, but what's happening with the fan club?

[15:00:34] ingrid: have you ever considered writing a metal football/hockey song?

[15:00:41] shadow: are you coming to australia 'cause there are a lot of fans of strat out here????

[15:01:24] Editor: 10 more minutes people !!!!

[15:00:55] tiger: how are you?

[15:00:56] firebladeeee: Hail to Strato! Next time you don't escape the coutry til I buy you a drink.:b

[15:00:58] shurik: Do you like X-Files?

[15:01:00] EvilG: Is Japan still the home of your largest audience?

[15:01:01] Maggos: kotipelto: will you come to Chile in the SA tour?

[15:01:02] Stormbom: was Infinite in fact your most successful album saleswise?

[15:01:08] jazmani: stratovarius: the last album you bought is?...

[15:02:09] johansson: why are there three extra e's on the fireblade?

[15:01:39] virus: editor:thanks

[15:02:37] jörg: muirgheal: what do you mean by that? i don't understand

[15:02:03] Poznanik: I'm not from Canada but i think they deserve on great gig in Quebec. You have huge fan base there as I saw

[15:02:04] Incarnation: Jens: How did you join the band? Did you contact them or did they contact you?

[15:02:08] Ana: do you think music has the power to change people,A4(Bs idea about any subject, fo example taking care of nature?

[15:02:10] In_Shadow: Guys, what are your favourite songs, not from metall, may be national?

[15:02:54] Kotipelto: Maggos: I guess so! Last time was great!!!!

[15:02:13] Black_Raven: Kotipelto: What about Cradle of Filth? I think Dani has a unique voice and not many can "sing" the same way without breaking throat..

[15:02:15] Andre: Before we cole, I'd like to thank Stratovarius for this chat !! Was cool !!!!!!!!!!!

[15:03:08] johansson: music can change everything!

[15:03:21] jörg: EvilG: I think it is Brayil Chile or Italy and Spain

[15:02:34] line6: greeting to Jari, but know I have to go to eat something............and drink!This chat was great I hope that there will be more Strato-Chat! Good luck to you guys!

[15:03:27] Kotipelto: Ana: hopefully we can wake the people up to think themselves!

[15:02:45] Triin: What was the last metal gig you went to see?

[15:03:37] johansson: tolkki contacted me.. sent a demo. it was good! so i joined.

[15:02:51] stratowiruz: thanx to editor about chat, and for

[15:03:03] firebladeeee: music has the power to change your whole life.

[15:03:13] Chaos: I'll come to see you at Ruisrock, so you'd better come out from the backstage then and talk with your fans... Or else... I will scream !:)

[15:03:17] firebladeeee: without music i'd be insane!

[15:03:28] tenebre: did i miss it.. i messed up the time from america!

[15:04:22] jörg: chaos: we will...


[15:04:25] johansson: Was "line6" really Timo Tolkki? Enquiring minds want to know!! :)

[15:04:26] Kotipelto: Chaos: Chaos!

[15:03:44] open minded: say hello for timo and jari for me plaese...

[15:03:50] In_Shadow: johansson: Seems like you believe in music mire than in God :)))

[15:03:54] senszar: hugs to strato

[15:04:50] johansson: tenebre: you did miss it. :)

[15:04:04] EvilG: Stratovarius music changed my outlook on life....

[15:05:12] johansson: In_Shadow: What's the difference?

[15:05:16] jörg: Episode: difficult, I like all the albums very much I am involved with, mazbe Episode is speical as it was the first one, without me I like Dreamspace best

[15:04:32] Incarnation: Kotipelto: How long do you expect the recording of your album will take?

[15:04:34] Rubens: Kotipelto: what about Visions of Europe in DVD? Why don't u release it?

[15:04:38] Poznanik: once again: greetings to all Strato from Serbia! FOREVER FREE!

[15:04:45] tiger: ilove you

[15:05:06] Maniac: bye guys it was great for me !! see you (maybe soon)!!Jens continue with your jokes !!you are all great!!

[15:05:49] Kotipelto: Incarnation: the album will probably be out next March-May....

[15:05:20] simo_kotipelto: TIMO K. are you going to organize another chat-day???if yes, when????

[15:05:22] Andre: I gotta go: Keep rokin' guys !!!!!

[15:05:36] firebladeeee: I love Dreamspace. It describes the forst 20 years of my life

[15:06:12] jörg: Poznanik: I hope you will be...
[15:05:41] Andre: See you in Milan Stratovaiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus

[15:06:15] Kotipelto: Rubens: No video material...

[15:05:41] Dreamspace87: Jörg, do you like Tuomo Lassila?

[15:05:49] shadow: why are'nt you answering about australia ?????

[15:05:53] stratowiruz: tack sÅ,A (Bmycje Jens, danke schön Jörg, kiitos Kotipelto ...thanx for Strato, and more chat please later

[15:06:50] johansson: hm, re australia, we don't have any plans, but who knows!? I'd love to go personally!!!

[15:06:52] jörg: Dreamsopace87: I don't know that guys

[15:05:56] jazmani: Kotipelto, what do you think about the voice of timo Tolkki?

[15:06:09] Talios: its now thursday morning in new zealand - welcome to the future Stratovarious :)

[15:07:06] Kotipelto: simo-k: don't know...maybe later this year. At least I will be on our homepage's chat someday...

[15:06:11] Törmä: See u guys got to do some workouts.... want the first line at Tuska.:)

[15:06:43] Zameryn: Are you going to come to Scotland???

[15:06:49] Swiss-Strato: Timo: What about a concert in Pratteln (Switzerland) this year. Would be great!

[15:07:41] Kotipelto: jazmani: it,A4(Bs okay when he is "singing" :) He,A4(Bs actually quite good singer.

[15:06:58] Rubens: jorg: i love to listen u playing drums!!! keep going like that!!!

[15:07:54] jörg: Jazmani: TT voice is verz good unfortunately only for one song:-)

[15:07:09] shadow: kiitos

[15:07:28] strato fan: Johansson: How many records have you done?

[15:08:15] johansson: pratteln is not in the stars for 2001! maybe 2002 or 2003?

[15:08:15] Kotipelto: swiss-Strato: we are on the break. We don't do any tours in a few years...

[15:08:19] jörg: Rubens: thank you, I try...

[15:07:37] Rubens: To all: do u have any brazilian girlfriend here in Brazil?

[15:07:43] Incarnation: Will there be any shows next year?

[15:08:38] jörg: Rubens: I have 10...

[15:08:09] Maggos: jorg is far better than Lassila

[15:08:47] Kotipelto: Rubens: we have Brazilian girlfriends in Sweden....

[15:08:32] simo_kotipelto: KOTIPELTO............... it's really a dream to talk with you.......thanks....i don't want to wake up......

[15:08:40] Poznanik: good luck guys....and my advice for next album: change is good......but don't change in something bad :))

[15:08:40] Dan*: Kotipelto: is there a change you sometimes release a KISS song, maybe Reason to Live or something

[15:09:18] johansson: I think maybe 30-40 records.

[15:09:34] Kotipelto: simo_k: wake up! we didn't talk...we wrote :)

[15:09:35] jörg: talios: hello new zealand how is the weather over there?

[15:09:38] johansson: (...does jari have any brazilian boy- or girlfriends? TK, JM??)

[15:09:22] firebladeeee: yeah, it's pretty cool to talk to you people!

[15:09:46] Kotipelto: Dan: no...

[15:09:38] johansson: (...does jari have any brazilian boy- or girlfriends? TK, JM??)

[15:09:22] firebladeeee: yeah, it's pretty cool to talk to you people!

[15:09:46] Kotipelto: Dan: no...

[15:09:38] johansson: (...does jari have any brazilian boy- or girlfriends? TK, JM??)

[15:09:22] firebladeeee: yeah, it's pretty cool to talk to you people!

[15:09:46] Kotipelto: Dan: no...

[15:09:27] Chaos: Is there something, that you want to say with your music ? what are you trying to tell people ? That we must save our planet ? Or that love is forever ? :)

[15:09:52] crimson: Are you going to make more cover songs in the future?

[15:10:24] Kotipelto: crimson: no plans...

[15:10:25] Morgane: TK: Do you plan to make gigs with you "solo" band ?

[15:10:31] Maggos: to all: where are you right now?

[15:10:50] Incarnation: Have anyone of you ever had onstage accidents besides Wacken?

[15:10:51] tolkien: kotipelto:do ya remember me ....i'm Michael Tsandulis From Greece..We dring together red wine....

[15:11:23] johansson: we're all in helsinki.

[15:11:26] Kotipelto: Morgane: maybe some festivals...let,A4(Bs see...

[15:11:35] johansson: I had a pyro accident in the US in ྗ. with Dio..

[15:11:39] Kotipelto: tolkien: red wine! :)

[15:11:27] simo_kotipelto:'s the 10th time I ask you: "what do you do for your voice?????drink something special??? ; ) )

[15:12:17] johansson: salmiakkikoskenkorva is good for the voice.

[15:12:17] Kotipelto: simo_k: Red wine!

[15:12:19] jörg: chaos: you shoud listen to the music and the lyrics, if we would like to tell you without playing the music we would write a book but we don't do it

[15:12:02] muirgheal: who give more and less interview in the band ??

[15:12:03] EvilG: Besides Jens...have any of you ever been to North America? :)

[15:12:14] sirrah: Will play songs from your new Intermission Album on the summerfestivals

[15:12:40] jörg: chaos: you are prettz close though....

[15:12:45] Morgane: TK: do you play other instrument as good than your great voice ?

[15:13:00] Kotipelto: muirgheal: Jari gives less...maybe Timo or me the most...Jrög and Jens do a lot as well...

[15:12:53] In_Shadow: Guys, what are your favourite songs, not from metall, may be national?

[15:13:03] johansson: I think poor Tolkki and Kotipelto have done the most interviews!

[15:13:19] Dan*: kotipelto: will you tour Holland again

[15:13:22] squeak: I hope you will all one day have a tour in the US. Do you think it will happen soon?

[15:13:40] Kotipelto: Morgane: I can't really play anything...just few chords on the guitar and keyboards...wait...I play a little bit drums...

[15:13:42] jörg: muirgheal: normally both Timos doing more than evrzbodz else, for the Intermission album it was mainly Jens and me

[15:13:34] ExiledStargazer: Why was Infinite so short? 52 minutes is not enough!! Next time do a LONG album!!!

[15:13:55] johansson: squeak: it's a touch market. Maybe! We'll see with the release of the next record..

[15:14:06] johansson: ...sorry, TOUGH market.

[15:13:54] Dan*: kotipleto: and is there a change i can have an interview for my radioshow

[15:14:27] Kotipelto: Dan: possible: contact Blast...

[15:14:49] shurik: Jorg: Did you liked to play with Running Wild?

[15:14:50] EvilG: why don't the two Timo's sing a song off lead vocal lines???

[15:14:59] jörg: sirrah: yeah, we will

[15:15:28] jörg: shurik: yes i did, but i,A4(Bm happy to play with stratovarius now

[15:15:29] Kotipelto: Evilg: I tried that....he refused! :)

[15:15:33] Editor: Two more questions, please

[15:15:46] johansson: When is lunch?

[15:15:52] johansson: And what will it cost?

[15:15:56] Kotipelto: Do we really have to
rehearse ?

[15:15:57] Editor: :)

[15:15:32] open minded: where do you like to perform? (country. city, stage...anything!)

[15:15:34] Incarnation: Kotipelto: What's the weirdest place you've signed your autograph?

[15:16:15] johansson: We don't have to rehearse! Yesterday went OK I think!

[15:16:15] jörg: open minded: Brazil

[15:16:29] Kotipelto: johansson: I agree! Let's go drinking!

[15:16:46] johansson: Let's DRINK instead! Let's go to corner bar and Tavastia later. Jukka said it was a good band there tonight!

[15:17:00] johansson: Or Bakers pub perhaps.

[15:16:54] simo_kotipelto: SO KOTIPELTO........ thanks a lot 4 chatting with me!!!!! guys go ahead .....we love you (i love you timo k.)

[15:17:04] firebladeeee: take care you guys, thanks!

[15:17:17] Editor: Thank you everybody !

[15:17:24] Kotipelto: incarnation: I've signed some head, noses, legs...but the most I like...tits! :))))

[15:17:26] johansson: (FWIW I signed a dog once. That was a bit weird)

[15:17:43] johansson: Thanks and see you all soon!

[15:17:55] jörg: I'm off, thank you for joining, see you all around, bye,bye

[15:18:09] johansson: I'm signing off now as well!

[15:18:22] Kotipelto: Me too! Thank you so much for joining in and thanks to Saunalahti for organizing this thing!

[15:18:44] Editor: Thank you to Stratovarius and once again to allthe people who attended

[15:18:45] Kotipelto: Check out our homepage later for the lates news, chat...etc. Kiitos!

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